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Together with the emergence of the automobile at the beginning of the 20th century, this theme came to the art world. This phenomenon influences the environment and the human mind, shortening distances and bringing previously unknown experiences. The intoxication of speed with the associated danger attracts countless audiences, but especially the drivers - the racers. Filippo Thommaso Marinetti wrote: "The beauty and diversity of the world has been enriched by a new beauty, the beauty of speed.” Super sports cars, with their magnificent hoods sculpted by masters of design and incredibly powerful engines, fly through space like a missile, their beauty defeating everything around them. The aesthetic form of these cars is due to the perfect work of the designers, which is intertwined with the perfection of aerodynamic lines determined by the laws of physics. Among the most famous artists in this field are well-known names such as Jacques Henri Lartigue, Giacomo Balla, Luigi Russolo, César Baldaccini, Don Eddy, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Kenny Sharft, Damien Hirst, Otakar Švec, Bedřich Stefan, Pavel Brázda, Theodor Pištěk, Frederico Díaz, Alena Anderlová and David Černý. The Houdek brothers' studio continues the strong tradition not only of the world but also of the Czech art scene. They bring, as is their tradition, a completely new perspective on this area. Wit, elegance, imagination and, of course, perfect execution, are already a guarantee for their artistic representation of this area.

In it, they discover for the viewer many hidden shapes, materials and unusual compositions used in their work. The Houdek brothers focus not only on the details and individual components, in which they seek an aesthetic level, but also on the car as a whole in the form of curves transferred into the forms of their designs. In this way, they cross the boundaries between reality and fiction and make technical discoveries and the perfection of design solutions stand out. The minimalist solutions of the compositions, together with the real elements translated into glass, create extraordinary combinations. The colour treatment is a separate chapter, ranging from metallic bluish tones, through platinum greys based on real colours, to minimalist pure white or lavish looking golden surfaces. By examining them in detail, we discover the inner world of these sculptures or sculptural assemblages. The element of studying the mechanical properties and settings is also very interesting, the artists study the exact moments in detail and transfer them into their work.

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